The Miami International Auto Show 2014


The Miami International Auto show. Its one of those events that i find myself going to year after year and asking myself, why am i even here? And just like every year, i answer my own question as i find myself strolling down the lanes of varies car manufactures showing what they have to offer, from the most luxurious, to the fastest, there is no doubt that with every pressed suite and tightly worn dress that these car companies weren’t here to play….but i was! Having attended the auto show every year since the age of eight, this is both the one place and the one time of year where every man can re-live their childhood fantasy of getting behind the wheel on one of this year’s super cars, gripping that steering wheel, and slamming the gas pedal to floor. Ofcourse….all the vehicles are non-operable, nor is there much room for much pedal-to-metal, but this 2014 Miami International Autoshow was more exciting and interactive than any ladder years. For almost a week and a half, the exhibition takes place bringing out the kid in all of us. This year’s main event was stationed dead center infront of the convention center and was impossible to walk past without being tempted to jump in line, which is exactly as i did. With a smile to ear to ear and an official lanyard, i was signed up and next in line to hop into “The Jeep Experience.” Before i knew it, i’m sitting next to Carlos, my driver through-out the whole excursion and the guy who im trusting with my safety as we traverse and transverse 30 degree angles up and over a built mountain and through the 45 degree angled wedge which provided a perfect zone to show the teeter tottering that can be achieved through the independent suspension systems in the all new Jeep Cherokee Trail Rated Edition. Needless to say and with regards for the safety of my camera and it’s extremely fragile lenses, not many pictures were taken. So along are the photos taken from this years car show starting with the first and only snap taken during the Jeep Experience. 15167560234_feedcb7d68_o 15168064433_263f469de5_o 15787502135_c2e6de7407_o 15602679380_daef08206e_o 15167556914_2b9508c179_o 15763826916_c5c3f9fa80_o 15602680920_cdf52eedc6_o 15601682959_33a90c5af9_o 13824_10152815093428851_421252109132112653_n 15789078832_2bc61cb267_o15602097798_27ddaf1db3_o927405_1574648966089297_682014891_n